Importance and Benefits of Mission Coalition

* * Importance * *

* Each coalitions concentrate on every villages in their to reach and geographical area plant churches.

* Bringing churches in Unity to work for God's Glory in their geographical area.

* Every Coalition will reach a village in a month

* Bringing and building confidence to every one in the coalition in the who are same field.

* The coalition stand together during problems and and face. During merits benefits are shared together, thus strengthening the body of Christ locally as groups.

* Coalitions work in the field courageously and confidently.

* A prayer group starts every month through the work of coalition (Two years faster than the traditional strategy)

* There is accountability within the coalition as well as Mission Coalition India.

* Monthly Evaluation and Assessment by the help of Mission Coalition India within the team.

* Coalitions are benefited through regular monthly and advanced Trainings.

* High rate of sustainability for new churches

* Measurable by each coalition members and MCI with a clear picture and figures about the field.

* * Benefits * *

* Local ownership: Mission Coalition formed geographical coalition units with local pastors, church planters and mission leaders interdenominational.

Member's of each coalition units are making strategies and plan to reach every unreached villages in their geography with the help of Mission Coalition trainers and coach.

so,they feel the ownership o f the strategy. It does not have any monitory dimension and the entire work is volunteered.


* Scalable network: Each local coalition units work together to reach at-least one village in a month as team (coalition).

This model provides the ability to scale up to reach many areas and a large number of people with the gospel.


* Sustainable: Members of local coalitions are doing follow up in every reached villages in their geographical area, so the sustainability is very high where ever we plant churches.


* Rapid Multiplication: As participants in the local coalition are trained in very month with advanced and best practice for starting church planting and multiplication. It accelerate the growth and multiplication of groups.


* Assessment: We believe that the data gathering through Local coalition (all members of coalition) provides the best vehicle for us to assess progress and identify ways to improve.


* Unity: Mission coalition taking initiative to bringing unity among churches and workers in Geographically. It strengthen the body of Christ locally and universally.



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